upfront pricing, Flat Fees & Payment Plans

We always strive to make legal fees as straightforward as possible.  That is our business model. We put our clients first, always.  We do this in a variety of ways (prompt communication, dedicated serves, etc.).  One of the primary ways is to be as upfront as we can with our pricing. We feel that people should have an idea of prices in the very beginning of their attorney search.  We are not hesitant to do so because we know the quality of our service, we know we run a modern and efficient law firm with low overhead, and we know our clients and what they want. We do not base our prices on other firms.  We are confident.

We firmly beleive that everyone should be able to hire an experienced and reputable criminal defense and litigation attorney.  Though our services are top-notch our fees are reasonable for most people.  We are not the cheapest option nor the most expensive.  We are able to offer our services at reasonable rates because we keep our overhead low and run a technologically advanced office -- this allows us to work quicker and smarter and to be more cost-effective.  We pass the savings on to our clients. Complex and more serious cases will cost more (for example: multiple charges, enhancements, strikes, more serious crimes, etc.). Also, if there are multiple cases the price will be higher.

If you need to make a payment please visit our Payments Page

Why a flat fee?

We offer reasonable flat fees to make hiring an attorney as simple as possible.  Charging flat fees allows the clients to know exactly what their case will cost from the beginning. We find that this process to be easier and more fair than the typical hourly fee arrangement. By offering payment plans we make it possible for anyone to hire a reputable attorney. Both our flat fee and payment plan billing structure represent our unique and modern approach to the practice of law.

Some firms charge by the hour, which essentially means the amount owed to the firm is unknown and open-ended.  We believe attorney fees should be predictable and fair.  Our flat fee structure allows clients to know exactly what they will pay for the entirety of their case.  We work on your case for as long  the case requires — once hired, we will never bill you for extra work that is within our fee agreement.

The flat fee amount for your case will depend on the type of case and whether you are signing up for a payment plan or paying upfront.  The reason why payment plans cost more, and the reason why lower monthly payment plans cost more than higher ones, is because we take more risk of non-payment.  However, for every case, we always do the work necessary to ensure you receive top-notch legal representation.

We Offer Payment Plans To Many Clients

We are a different law firm because we offer payment plans to many of our clients.  We do this so that everyone can afford to hire an experienced attorney. While there are exceptions and unusual cases, most cases follow a predictable pattern.  When it comes to paying our flat fee, you essentially have two options.  

First, you can decide to pay the flat fee upfront.  This will always be the least expensive option.  When cases are priced, they are priced at this upfront price.  We accept cash, check, ACH, and all debit and credit cards. 

Second, you can decide to pay the flat fee via a payment plan, which will be the more expensive option and will almost always require a down payment. Payment plans cost more than upfront pricing because our firm takes more risk of non-payment the longer payments are spread out.  However, the trade off is that you get to hire a private attorney to help you.

Confronting pricing can be a nerve racking experience for many clients and their families.  Please do not hesitate in contacting our office to discuss any question or concern you may have.  We are always striving to be open, honest, and reasonable with our flat fees