Information about Local County Jail

Being in jail is almost always a traumatic event.  Not only does it impact the inmate but also their family, friends, work, and many others.  With established connections with local bail companies, the sheriff's office, judges, and prosecutors, we here at the Law Office of Nicco Capozzi provide you the best opportunity of getting out of the local jail by being released on your own recognizance (OR), having your bail reduced, or by simply beating your charges and being released.

Criminal attorney Nicco Capozzi spends quite a bit of time at the local jails. Not as an inmate (obviously) but as an experienced criminal defense attorney.  He makes very frequent visits to keep in contact with his clients, talking to potential clients, and making sure all their stays are as quick and painless as possible, or by fighting to get them released.  He is available 24 hours per day for phone calls from the Fresno Jail.

Fresno County Jail important information:

Jail website, click here.

Inmate search, click here.

Inmate bookings, click here.

Inmate mail, click here.

Visitation information, click here.