The Many Uses of Felony Arrest Records

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There are of course many legal records available on the internet these days, but among the most useful are felony arrest records. These felony arrest records can be used by a number of different individuals and businesses, from law firms researching legal briefs to individuals trying to gather information in advance of an upcoming legal action.

Access to these felony arrest records can provide a wealth of information to those who are skilled at seeking it out, and the good news is that more and more legal information is being made available online every single day.

Common usages of arrest records

The uses of these felony arrest records and other legal information are many.  Paralegals and other law firm workers, for instance, may use these records of felony arrests to gather sample documents that can be used in future cases, as well as in doing research for current cases.  The many legal documents contained on the internet are a valuable resource that is often tapped by these legal professionals.

These records of felony arrests, in addition to other important legal documents which can be found online, are also used to maintain and enhance relationships with current law firm clients, to gather new clients and for a number of other administrative and professional purposes.

Of course before these individuals can make use of the many felony arrest records that can be found online they must first find them in the enormous expanses of the internet.  There are many places to search for these legal records, of course, but for many legal professionals the search will begin at the web site of the local courthouse.  More and more courthouses are placing their records online for easy access, and although access varies chances are good that at least some of the needed information will be available in an electronic format.

It is important to keep in mind that not all felony arrest records will be available on the internet.  The truth is that it is impossible to make a blanket statement about what records are or are not available online.  Some records of felony arrests will be easily available online for free, while others will be available for a fee.  Still other records of felony arrests may be unavailable due to the confidentiality rules associated with certain types of crimes and certain types of defendants.

For instance, felony arrest records related to juvenile offenders are often unavailable due to confidentiality rules, as our many records related to family court issues.  In addition, many of the felony court records that are available may have certain sensitive information, such as addresses, Social Security numbers and other information, redacted or blacked out.   

Even with this sensitive information removed, however, felony court records can still be very useful as research tools.  Those in government may need to use such records to compile crime statistics, while those in law forms may use them to find sample documents which they can use to create their own legal documents.  No matter what use you may have for these records of felony arrests, the good news is that much of that information is easily available on the internet.