Infographic: Best Answers to Your Criminal Defense Questions

We have a new infographic up courtesy of the Arizona Criminal Law Team.

No offense to public defenders, but a lawyer provided by the court isn’t exactly your best chance of beating a criminal charge. 

Your odds of getting the best possible result lies in the hands of an experienced criminal defense lawyer for one simple reason: a criminal defense attorney is in a position to devote all the time and resources at his and her disposal to your case.

Without a doubt, court-appointed lawyers possess the required legal acumen because they wouldn’t be where they are without it. However, if you had any idea of the caseload that they are forced to carry as part of their duty, you will have serious doubts about what they can do for you.

You see, it’s not uncommon for each court-appointed lawyer to handle anywhere between 20 to 50 cases at any given time. If your case is one of those, can you expect any special attention for your legal woes?

Private criminal defense lawyers, on the other hand, have way lighter caseloads, and that means they can focus on your case. They can do a more in-depth analysis of your case, have more personnel that can perform research, and do whatever they can to get you the best possible result. No matter how you look at it, private criminal defense attorneys represent your best chance of winning your case.

If you want to know more about criminal defense, check out the infographic below. View more of our infographics for additional information.