The Many Uses of Felony Arrest Records

There are of course many legal records available on the internet these days, but among the most useful are felony arrest records. These felony arrest records can be used by a number of different individuals and businesses, from law firms researching legal briefs to individuals trying to gather information in advance of an upcoming legal action.

Charged with Assault? What You Need to Know

When another person commits a harmful act toward you or someone you care about, it is human to retaliate. Unfortunately, many forms of retaliation are against the law. In an effort to defend your honor, you could end up with an assault charge. If you've found yourself in this unfortunate predicament, it's good to know what's ahead and what you should do.

The Negative Effects of Deferred Prosecution

Deferred prosecution is a catch-all term for a variety of criminal intervention programs throughout the United States. These programs are designed to help first-time offenders avoid having a criminal conviction on their record.  Deferred prosecution places a defendant's criminal case on hold while he or she participates in a program designed to punish, educate, and rehabilitate. These programs vary from state to state and according to the alleged criminal offense, but they often include fines, classes, and community service as primary components. If a defendant completes the program, the prosecutor's office will then drop the criminal case. If, however, a defendant fails to complete the program, the criminal case will resume.

Defending Yourself in Criminal Matters Could Backfire

People who represent themselves at criminal trials seldom have a good outcome. While they may study the laws related to their case and think they are ready to defend against criminal charges, their lack of experience tends to backfire on them in ways they never anticipated. If you're facing criminal charges, it's important to consider the potential consequences if the prosecution can prove its case against you. With so much on the line, hiring an experienced defense attorney is the only logical thing to do.

What Is Conscious Avoidance and How Can It Land You in Jail?

In many criminal cases, especially in federal white collar prosecutions, the defense is "I didn't know what those other people were doing." This defense is in line with a basic principle of our criminal justice system -- that people are only responsible for their own actions. However, there are times when it simply doesn't work.

All About Double Jeopardy in Delayed Death Murder Cases

Murder has long been different from other crimes in that it has no statute of limitations and can be charged even when death occurs long after the criminal act. Another long-standing principle in the law is that the constitutional provision against double jeopardy means that a person can't be tried twice for the same action. What happens when these two principles collide?